Multi-Award Winning Author of Children's Books

Multi-Award Winning Author of Children's Books

Preschool - 1st grade books

Rainbow of mine


A poem formatted book that describes the meanings of the colors of the rainbow in a way that young children can easily understand.

Rainbow of mine, the coloring book


A coloring and activity book based off the original book Rainbow of Mine book teaching about the order of the colors of the rainbow. 

Sammy the helper


This book is about a young boy named Sammy who tries really hard to help out the members of his family but every time he does, something seems to go wrong. With some encouraging words from his grandfather, Sammy tries harder to accomplish what he sets out to do.  

Bubby the baker


Bubby the Baker loves to bake all kinds of goodies and she recently opened a bakery. As your child reads through this book, they will see all the different items Bubby has in her store. At the end of the book, there are a couple of recipes that you can make at home. 

Oh Dreidel I shall play


Poem formatted story about children playing the game of dreidel during the holiday of Chanukah.  At the end of the book is the instructions how to play the dreidel game. 


2nd grade - 6th grade books

My Summer Triumph



"My Summer Triumph," is about a young girl's first experience at overnight camp proved to be more of a learning experience then anything else. Through the many challenges that she had faced during the three weeks at camp, Kaila learned a lot about herself and how to triumph over defeat.  

A dog for leo



"A Dog For Leo," is about a young boy who wants a dog of his own, but his parents don't feel he is responsible enough to take care of a pet. Leo will have to prove to his parents that he is responsible enough, but not without a few snags in the road first.  

My Magical Kippah



"My Magical Kippah," is a heartwarming story about a young boy named Avram who is preparing for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. With his voice starting to change, Avram is even more nervous about standing in front of his family and the entire congregation of his Temple to chant prayers. Avram's Zadi gifts Avram with a "magical" kippah that not only changes his life, but also the lives of those around him




Ages 16 + books

My Secret Bodyguard


Every child wants that special friend who always has their back, no matter what. Frances never found that special friend, so one had to be created. Johnny Goldstein had come to “life.” 

My High School Crush

Frances has a huge crush on her math teacher, Mr. Green, and goes through outrageous lengths to get him to notice her. For anyone who has ever had a crush on someone, this story will give you a lot of laughs. 

The Forever Rose


Karen wanted to find love, but not just any kind of love. She wanted the kind of love that makes you feel wonderful, giddy and tingly from head to toe. The type of love she thought she found with Hal. 

Looking Back, No Regrets, Memoirs from the heart


"Looking Back, No Regrets, Memoirs from the Heart", shares a woman's relationship struggles from childhood through adulthood in 9 honest and touching short stories. Her unique experiences will make you laugh and cry as you walk with her through her different relationships from teenhood to adult.  



 "Cooking with Kandi" is a cookbook specifically designed for those people who love tasty foods, but don't always have a lot of preparation time. From appetizers to desserts, this cookbook is filled with all kinds of yummy recipes.  


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